March 5, 2024

Some thoughts from members

Cohousing is …

A community of friends, family and neighbors.

Never boring.


Surprising things about cohousing

There is always someone who knows the answer.

How much fun it is.

How much I enjoy the kids and chickens.

How many community and public events we have.

How much work it takes.

People will actually eat lentil loaf.

It’s all surprising!

photo of front of Erin House looking east

Erin House at Arboretum Cohousing

Photo of Georgette B and baby

Young and old together

Commonly heard phrases at Arbco…

Any volunteers?

A week without a meeting just wouldn’t feel right.

Has anyone seen the …..?

Lentil loaf?

Can anyone take me to the airport … bus … game … rally?

What NOT to do at Arbco….

Sweat the small stuff.

Move the recliner.



Chickens not eating onions.

Feed onions to the chickens.

If Arbcoteers were animals, they would be…

Badgers … termites… bees… meerkats … prairie dogs … herds of cats.