Connections and Activities

Some memorable events.

Land Day

Many cohousing communities celebrate the anniversary of the day on which they acquired the land on which to build their homes.  Arbco’s first Land Day was August 30, 2007.  We celebrate Land Day each year with a special meal and fun activities, including a time for people to share memories from “the early years.”  After dinner kids can mark their new height on the “growing wall” in the exercise room.  We also take a group photo on Land Day.

2013 Land Day cake.

A special cake with the Arbco logo.

photo of Arbco member making a tree shape.

Members make a Land Day tree.

photo of people around Little Free Library.

The grand opening of Arbco’s Little Free Library on Land Day.

Making music

Music plays a big role in Arbco life.  Two of our members are full-time music teachers, and many others participate in music groups.  We have a relaxed weekly “sing-along,” and have hosted student recitals, string quartets, Madison’s monthly “music night,” Scottish dance, and the Quaker Meeting’s Christmas caroling event.  In addition we have presented concerts by professional musicians who either live in or are visiting Madison.

photo of cello recital by Flora's students.

Young cellists on stage.

Run Boy Run on stage.

Run Boy Run concert

photo of food at Kitt Reuter-foss concert.

Elegant food for a concert by Kitt Reuter-Foss.

Murph and bill playing banjo and guitar.

Two Arbco members at the annual Variety Show — formerly the Talent Show.

Red Cross Blood Drives

Can a blood drive be fun?  Yes, if it happens at Arbco!  This summer Arbco will sponsor it’s 10th semi-annual blood drive.  They have become known as the “coziest blood drives in town,”  with a comfortable setting, friendly and fun people, and lots and lots of wonderful homemade food.  And, most importantly,  giving blood is a compassionate gift to the larger community.

photo of blood donor and Red Cross workers, with baby watching.

Watching while Mom gives blood. Dad is across the room giving blood too.


Community involvement.

Arbco is proud of our connections with our neighbors and the world at large.  We have provided meeting space for the neighborhood association and for candidate forums.  Our members are active  in many organizations, including (in no particular order):