The Common House

Dining room.  Our dining room also serves as our living room, and as a setting for large events such as neighborhood meetings and Red Cross blood drives.

photo of members in dining room

Meeting and eating in the dining room.

Kitchen.  We have a large efficient kitchen for preparing meals, complete with a state-of-the art sanitizer to keep everyone healthy.

photo of the common house kitchen

The kitchen, featuring the orange bucket for compost.


photo of kale spread out for drying.

Attempting to control kale from “the Farm,” Arbco’s community garden.


Pantry.   Our pantry contains bulk stores of the good ingredients we use for community meals, as well as nearly every kitchen gadget you can imagine.

Playroom.  The little kids’ playroom has a large play structure, a cushioned floor, and all sorts of sets of toys, each with many small parts to scatter around.

photo of the play room with climbing structure and tumbling mats.

Play room with places to climb and tumble.

Another playroom.  A second playroom is used by older kids for reading, crafts, and imaginary play.  Recently a pretend “school” has met here regularly.


Playroom for older kids.

Lloyd Lounge.  The Lloyd Lounge is a smaller, more private meeting and dining area, which is also used for music events, from folksy sing-alongs to chamber music performances.  A beautiful, fully restored 1931 Mason & Hamlin grand piano lives here.

The Lloyd Lounge is named after Art and Sue Lloyd, two of the founders of Madison’s first cohousing community, Village Cohousing.  The Lloyds and Village Cohousing have been steadfast supporters of our community.

photo of fireplace in the Lloyd Lounge

Lloyd Lounge fireplace

photo of Mason & Hamlin piano logo

The grand piano is a thing of beauty, even when silent.

Exercise room.   Treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bikes, free weights, and extra-large bouncy balls.  At Arbco there’s no excuse for getting out of shape, even during Wisconsin’s long cold winter.  A yoga class open to all ages and abilities meets here weekly.


The exercise room.

Guest suites.  Arbco has four guest rooms with full baths to accommodate visiting friends and family members.

photo of Erin guest room.

One of four guest rooms.

Media room.  Many Arbco members do not own a television, so we share a large TV, and enjoy watching movies, sports and special events together.

Woodshop.  All sorts of power tools and hand tools.  Access is limited to members of the woodworking club, who have had training in safe use of the equipment.

Recycle Alley.  We go above and beyond — way beyond — conventional recycling.  Two dedicated members have located local places to recycle bubble wrap, batteries, computer cables, computers, pens, pencils, and many other used-up objects.  A fun place to browse.