Gardens and animals

Arbco sits on a 2.2 acre site, and we use the land intensively.  Children enjoy a large play structure, a smaller “clubhouse,” a nice flat field for games and somersaults, and a gentle hill just right for sledding.  Grownups enjoy the terrace outside the Common House, and many interesting plantings, including fruit trees, berry patches, a rain garden, and flowers.  We have a large community garden in which we grow produce for community meals, and a kitchen herb garden.  Members may also  have a personal garden.

The site attracts many birds, including owls, hawks, and occasional sandhill cranes.  We have also seen deer, possums, raccoons, and foxes.  And we have CHICKENS!

photo of Arbco terrace during summer.

Arbco during the summer.

photo of Arbco facing east.

Another view, facing east.

winter evening photo of Arbco

Winter Arbco.

photo of "the farm."

The community garden.

photo of woman feeding chickens.

With the chickens.

photo of bench and basket on Arbco terrace.

Garden work in progress.

hawk closeup

Juvenile redtail hawk on Arbco balcony, watching a squirrel at the birdfeeder.

The Capture of Bill 050

A group of Arbco children have successfully captured an adult resident.


Some recent Arbco visitors.

Some recent Arbco visitors.


Our little urban woodland.

Our little urban woodland.